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Astronomy and Photography
 Grande Arche de La Défense  
La Défense

I'm married, 53 years old, two children. We live in Bois-Colombes, in the north-west suburbs of Paris.

I work in the French federal department of Transport, Construction and Housing, the [ministère de l'Équipement]. I'm concerned with their environment. My job is setteld in [La Défense].

I'm not a nerd. I use the internet to find information about astronomy and photography, join users groups and display these pages.


Astronomy : the Sun, meteors.

Photography : architecture and landscapes.

History and translation in shapes and pictures.


As there is yet a bunch of bookmarks and search tutorials in English, I will not translate mines. You could find them in the French part.

  website created April, 1998
updated April, 6th 2002


a brief update in '2014 : now, I'm 66 years old