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My favourite topics : architecture and landscape

The villa Savoye in Poissy, a major work of Le Corbusier. Villa Savoye        tour of the villa


The Mont Blanc 
you may load it as a 150 ko fileMont-Blanc
Why these topics ?

as a starting point, it was lazziness (what can do a keen ?)

Two more effective reasons  : beeing a clerc, I prefer outdoor fields for my hobbies. And I'm really found of architecture. So, I found a topic that had overwhelmed me : the Anglo-Chinese gardens of the late 18th century. I created a dedicated site, parcs à fabriques (their name in French).



 The Villa Savoye   Masonnic monuments in Paris 
in French :
 Algiers 1955-1960, by my uncle  Miscellaneous
 Places in Paris (under construction)  Montmartre, Serres d'Auteuil, ...

My taking equipment

SLR 35 mm :  NIKON and some others : Canon (stabilized lenses impressed me), Olympus (for astronomy).
Rangefinder 35 mm :   LEICA and Minolta CLE.

I owned first a Minolta CLE. It allows the use of the Leica-M lenses, except some uncompatibilities.

Now we have the Konica that sounds attractive. I was'nt satisfied with the Contax G1, despite of their lenses.

MF :

Specialized cameras 


Panoramical, stereo, stenope, subminiature ...

Large format SINAR, LINHOF or ARCA-SWISS ? :     a few pages in French 
Tripods and ball heads   Gitzo tripods, Arca-Swiss ball heads

Second hand photo stuff

Where to buy in Paris and at what price?
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